Unless the individual develops, the organization cannot develop

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People development is our business

Frankly, without people, businesses could not exist. Unless the individual learns, the business does not learn. Unless the individual develops, the business does not develop. Unless the individual grows, the business does not grow.

Diversity & Inclusion is Our Specialty

The individual’s mind is competent. The human intellect is potent. We have our own unique identities. We should be judged as individuals.

Teamwork & Harmony

A workforce in harmony is akin to a harnessed block of pure energy moving in one cohesive direction.

Mission Statement
To partner with organizations interested in moving their employees from mere passive recipients of infomation to active co-creators of knowledge.


A quintessential teambuilding model for all organizational levels

Workforce Harmonics is a fun and innovative way to help organizations develop their employees into high performance work teams, by teaching them how to work in harmony.

I employ a diverse array of melodic musical steel drums (different sizes, colors and functions) to teach harmony in the workplace. The participant’s interaction with the steel drums stimulates right brain activity, allowing learners to be co-creators of knowledge rather than mere passive recipients of information.

If people are to work together it would do them well to understand themselves, others, and the environment in which they work. Work does not have to be a dislocated group of clumsy routines, systems and utility. A workforce in harmony is akin to a harnessed block of pure energy moving in one cohesive direction.

Participants explore:

  • Social identity
  • Perception
  • Equity
  • Race
  • Phenotype
  • Genotype
  • Content
  • Context
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Value zone
  • Cultural identity
  • Values
  • Diversity Wheel
  • Culture
  • Body Language
  • Communication
  • Assertive Speaking
  • Effective Listening
  • Teambuilding
  • Teamwork
  • Accomodation

In this 4 hr. workshop, diverse participants manage to play on diverse steel drums an orchestrated song in harmony. It is an opportunity to internalize ideas, concepts and discussions from the workshop, to individual and group situations. This type of interaction puts the whole complex of diverse attitudes and skills together in a blend, resulting in employee engagement, collaboration, cohesion, harmony, mutual support, equity of contributions and an elevated performance level. It's a challenging way to learn and it's tons of fun, which makes it memorable.


Cultural Competence
Diversity and Inclusion
Cross-Cultural Communication
Cross- Cultural Conflict Management
Leadership Development
Workforce Development
Organizational Development
Strategic Planning
Time Management
Change Management


What our clients say

" I really enjoyed the class. It really made me look at things in a different perspective. The information I learned here could be definitely applied to my life and job."

" I would suggest this training to all workplaces. The most interesting and informative of all staff development courses I have ever taken."

" Transformational and incredibly enlightening. Everyone should take a class under Jerome's unique tutelage."

" A definite unique opportunity - innovative - reaffirmed some of my beliefs and practices." " Outstanding learning experience. Thank you Jerome."

" Thoroughly enjoyed this course. What an interesting way to get a concept through. I hope Jerome would do more training for further professional development courses."

" The use of steelpans for conveying harmony and team cohesion is nothing short of genius. Incredible."

" Jerome Frederick first introduced his exclusive training methods to our employees in 2008; and we continue to include him in our training program every year since. Jerome's talent, and passion for people development are evident through his dynamic and clever presentations." M.Vineyard, Human Resource Director, City of Roanoke.

" Developmental Steel is a unique package of organizational performance enhancement opportunities, cleverly disguised in a fun and friendly distribution of training elements artfully delivered by Jerome Frederick through his steelpans" E.Lewis, CEO, OneSCSI

"Jerome's passion for people development is embodied in his uncanny ability to pull you into his world of fun and music, and leave you provoked into learning more about yourself and your environment. Truly a once in a lifetime event." Rosalie Abraham, Mathematics Professor, Florida State College of Jacksonville.

"Mr. Frederick presented at the Vace conference I attended last week and I thought it was engaging, entertaining, and it was educational. I was wondering if I could get a list of fees. We are hoping to do a professional development day with two divisions on campus and would like to see his pricing." J. Spataro-Wilson, Shenandoah University, VA

Our Clients

UNC Greensboro
Freedom First Credit Union
City of Roanoke
Virginia Lottery
Virginia Tech
Foot Levelers


Jerome Frederick

Jerome is the owner of Workforce Harmonics – a people development company. He has a reservoir of diverse experiences that, on a whim, allows him to become a very passionate and dynamic teacher of adult learners. Having resided and worked in 3 continents, one island in the Caribbean, and 9 states in the U.S., he brings a tremendous perspective to business, people development and life in general.

Jerome earned a MBA in Operations and Logistics from The Ohio State University and held many challenging global positions in a myriad of industries.

Offering a rare blend of courage, creativity and pragmatism, he brings fun and innovation to people and organization development. Jerome is comfortable training and motivating others to go beyond perceived boundaries and not just “settle” for where they happen to find themselves today.

Jerome loves playing the melodic steeldrum, traveling, and having fun with his family.

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Why music?

I love teaching adult learners how to work in harmony, especially when I’m using a diverse array of tropical melodic steeldrums as the medium for learning exchange. Now why do I use music to teach teamwork? First, it gets the participants out of their comfort zone. Secondly, it triggers right side brain activity allowing the […]

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The Steeldrum and You
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The steel drum in you

If you look at the musical melodic steeldrum as a person, the notes within it are analogous to the elements that make up who you are – personality, character, social and cultural identity, values and perceptions. Okay, let’s explore further.  If you see the musical melodic steeldrum as an organization, then the notes represent the […]

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